Singapore Prison Service

This scenario based training game is designed for potential recruits to get a glimpse into the worthy challenges that await them as Captains of Lives (COL).

Player has to follow an intriguing gameplay presented in 4 chapters of storyline. In the process, players will encounter interesting scenarios and mini games that test their quick wittiness as potential Captains of Lives.

The game will consist of 4 chapters as follows:

  • Muster Check (headcount)
  • Escort inmates to correct work locations
  • Meal issuance & collection within the shortest time
  • Identify a worried inmate during yard (recreation time)

The game scenarios are designed to challenge a gamer on his alertness while assisting non-gamers to complete the task-on-hands with hints from non-playing characters (NPCs).

The game has been deployed on web and Android tablets.