Ngee Ann Polytechic

The Virtual Pharmacy multiplayer game is developed for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Pharmacy Science’s students.

This game is designed to integrate collaborative operations across pharmacy counters. The 4 counters are Receiving, Typing, Packing and Dispensing. Players will be playing in a team of 4 to 6 players to manage the pharmacy operation.

The multiplayer game objectives are:

  • Expose players to real-life pharmacy operation encounters in the real working world
  • Stimulate the need for communication among team members to access and validate prescriptions in the best professional practice
  • Encourage players to collaborate as a team to handle overloaded prescriptions by hopping counters to help
  • Acquire better understanding of therapeutic classification, pharmacology and patient counselling

The server-end game Content Management System (CMS) enables the lecturers to manage the medicine and prescription contents.

Student’s data and playing records are also registered in the backend for results monitoring.